It’s all about Projects

Projects are the core of MyClientSpot. They help users organize and manage their work by allowing teams to break down a larger goal into smaller, more manageable tasks that can be assigned to team members and tracked for progress.

Both expenses and time entries are recorded against projects and can be summed to provide a running total of the effort and expenses that have been accrued.

With projects, users can set deadlines, establish priorities, and collaborate with others to ensure that work is completed efficiently and effectively. Projects also provide a way for users to monitor their progress and identify any potential roadblocks or issues that may arise.

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Download, Print, Export and Create Projects

Quickly access common project functions. The search page allows full-text search of projects, tasks, comments and notes.

Status and notes

A (folder) indicates project is active, and the darkened (notes) icon indicates the project has notes. Click to edit the note.

View project hours

Quickly view project status of hours logged vs estimated. Red indicates over-budget. A hover message also gives precise details

Project is behind schedule

Red indicates the project is still marked as "Active", but is past-due.

After clicking on a project’s name, the project detail screen below is displayed:

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Import/Export, Delete, Permissions, Status

Import or Export, Duplicate project or set Per-Project permissions. The permissions can be further restricted to allow only the listed users to view the project and it’s tasks/time/expenses.

Sections can be collapsed

Click on the section headings to collapse them when not needed. They are "sticky" and remember their collapsed/expanded state between pages.

Project details

The project properties can be edited here. This section is discussed in further detail below in the Project Details section.

Tasks added to the projects

Projects can be broken down into tasks for further granularity and easier tracking. This section is discussed in further detail below in the Project Tasks section.

Project Files

Any type of files can be uploaded to a project. PDF and other type of files will display a preview. Additional details about files are in the Project Files section.

Expenses for the project

As employees add expenses to the project or it's tasks, they are displayed here. Project Expenses has further details.

User comments regarding the project

Any user who can view the project can leave comments. By default the responsible users are copied. See Project Comments.

History of changes to the project

Changes regarding the project are record here. See Project History.

Project details

The project has many properties that can be configured. Most are optional and can be left blank if uneeded. Of particular importance is the “Responsible” setting where users are assigned to the project. This give a clear understanding of who is doing what and enhances accountability and makes it easy for team members to know their responsibilities.

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Users responsible for the project

Users listed as responsible will always be able to view the project it’s related records. If notifications are enabled in settings, they will receive all notices for the project

Project start/due dates

If set, these dates control when reminders are sent and are highlighted if project is past due.

Client assigned to the project

If client has a login they can view the project and limited information about it’s related records.

Status of project

Most screens will default to showing only active projects, "Completed" projects cannot be past due. "Archived" projects do not count toward your project counts in billing plans.

Project’s user defined category

Categories shown in the list can be customized in the "Categories" option in the user menu.

Project’s budget

If set, this controls the budget for the project. It’s used to calculate the project’s progress and controls the pie chart displayed on the listings above.

Project’s notes

Free form text notes about the project. Notes can be easily viewed and edited from the listings by clicking the (note) icon.

Project tasks

Breaking a project down into tasks helps to clearly define and understand the project’s scope. Each task represents a piece of the project’s final deliverable, so having these clearly defined helps everyone involved understand exactly what needs to be accomplished.

Tasks can be tracked, monitored, and controlled efficiently. Project managers can determine if a task is completed or not, identify which tasks are behind schedule, and allocate resources as needed.

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Filter and sort

As with all MyClientSpot listing screens, you can easily filter and sort the table.

Edit and log time

Click the edit icon to quickly edit the task, the clock to log time, or the task title to view the complete task details. The pie chart displays the percentage of time logged vs the budgeted hours.

Mark complete, edit/view notes

Click the notes icon to quickly view the task’s notes, the checkbox to mark as complete, or the title to view the complete task details.

Project files

MyClientSpot supports adding multiple files, documents, links, and folders to a project. Files can be dropped onto the panel to upload. A preview is shown for PDF and image files.

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Images show a preview

Click the image to view full screen or download the image

Add items

Links are a way to direct users to other pages on the site or external sites. Folders allow organizing items into groups. Documents opens a window for typing extended instructions or documents.

Documents show the first few lines of text

Documents use a WYSIWYG editor to easily create and edit content in a visual way, without requiring knowledge of HTML or other programming languages.

Project expenses

Tracking expenses helps ensure that the project is staying within the allocated budget. MyClientSpot makes it easy for employees to enter expenses using either the web or mobile apps. Once entered, managers can review and approve the expense.

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Control which expenses are displayed

The gear allows selecting from new, approved, or invoiced expenses. The other controls allow filtering and sorting by each displayed field.

Click to edit

Managers and the user who created it can edit the expense by clicking on the edit icon. All modifications are tracked and can be reviewed by managers.

View total amount of epenses for the project

The displayed expenses are totalled at the bottom for easy reference.

Project comments

Team members can discuss the project here with a written log of the communication. Each email can be replied to and a new comment easily added. Reply emails are parsed and only the relevant text is added as a comment, with all the quoting that’s typical of emails removed.

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Replies are nested

Comments replying to another are nested below the parent comment.

Reply or delete comments

Managers and the user who created it can remove a comment. All modifications are tracked and can be reviewed by managers.