Recording Expenses

By default the main expenses screen shows a list of all expenses that are “unapproved”. You can easily filter the list to show only expenses incurred in a date range and for certain clients or projects. As with other listing screens, the filters are “sticky” and will remember their state between sessions.

mobile expenses-listing screenshottablet expenses-listing screenshotdesktop expenses-listing screenshot
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Edit and view expense history

The (pencil) icon opens the edit screen and the (note) icon indicates the expense has been modified. Click it to view who made the change and what was modified.

Print, Add and Export Expenses

Export as a CSV for use in Excel or Google Sheets. Adding an expense also has the easy to remember keyboard shortcut ctrl+e.

View total of all expenses

This total is the sum of all expenses displayed in the table. You can adjust the search filters to the desired criteria then view the sum here.

Search and sort expenses

The (gear icon) will filter to display all expenses for your company, only ones that belong to certain clients or projects, incurred by users, or by a date range. As with all MyClientSpot review screens, the filters and sort are sticky, meaning they retain their values until modified.

Adding expenses

Click the Add Expense button from the list pictured above (or press ctrl+e) to begin adding an expense. A list of active projects with active tasks is displayed. Select the project or task that the expense is incurred for. If you want to track internal expenses we recommend you create a “Internal” task or project and use that for non-client expenses. Doing so will allow you to easily segregate expenses.

mobile select-expense-task screenshottablet select-expense-task screenshotdesktop select-expense-task screenshot
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Quickly find task for expense

Tasks are searched for substrings that match entered text. Pressing will select the first task, and will cancel entering the expense.

Only active projects are shown

Tasks that are not marked as active will be hidden, as well as projects and tasks that a user lacks permission to view.

Entering expenses information

The below form is used to both enter and edit expenses. It’s intended to be easy to add multiple expenses easily. For maximum efficiency, you can use the following user flow:

mobile expense-form screenshottablet expense-form screenshotdesktop expense-form screenshot
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Payee is whom the expense is due

The payee is who the expense is paid to. This is usually a vendor, but can be a person or retail establishment.

Entries have default status "New"

A manager can approve the entries by clicking the checkbox on the main listing screen pictured above.

Upload a file to document the expense

Often a receipt or invoice is required to document the expense. You can upload a file here. Photos will display as a thumbnail preview after upload.

Amount of the expense

The important part! The expense amount is what's totaled and displayed on the listing screens.

Client, project, and task for the expenee

This displays the information selected on the previous screen, but may be modified here.