Tasks tie it all together

A task is a specific piece of work that needs to be completed was part of a larger project. Tasks can be simple or complex, and can involve a variety of activities such as research, analysis, planning, design, development, testing, implementation, and evaluation.

A task list helps to ensure that all necessary tasks are identified, assigned, and completed on time. It also provides a way to track progress and measure the success of the project.

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Add Tasks/Time/Expenses, download & print

Quickly access common project functions. The search page allows full-text search of projects, tasks, comments and notes.

Status and notes

Check the checkbox to mark a task as completed. A darkened (notes) icon indicates the project has notes. Click to edit the note.

View totals vs estimated

Quickly view total of hours logged vs estimated. Red indicates over-budget. A hover message also gives precise details

Totals for tasks

View total of all hours logged for the displayed tasks. Use the filtering controls to show the tasks you’re interested in, then view the total at the bottom.

Task details

The task details screen is accessed by clicking the task name from the listing above. It allows modifying the task, viewing it’s comments and history. Of particular importance on this screen is the “Status” and budgeted hours. The status controls the visibility of the task, and the budget controls the pie chart display on the listing screens.

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Task commands

Add an expense or log time toward the task, mark it complete, delete or duplicate it.

Task start and end dates

The start dates control when the expenses and time can be entered against it, and the end date controls it's past-due status.

Task responsible users

Users entered here will be CC'ed on all communication and have the task appear on thier Overview screen.

Private tasks are hidden

Tasks marked as private are not visible to clients, even if task/project client visibility is enabled in the settings. This allows for internal tasks for things the client doesn't need to have visibility into.

User defined categories

Custom categories can be entered from the “Categories” option in the user menu.

Task files are shared with project

A folder in the project’s can be designated as the task folder, and all files uploaded to the folder will be shared with the task.

Task comments capture all communication

By default the responsible users are emailed each comment. When a user replies to the email the reply is captured and a new comment created as a nested reply.