Review Time Entries

Reviewing employee time sheets is a crucial management task due to several reasons:

Accordingly, MyClientSpot provides powerful time capabilities for reviewing employee time entries.

Grouped Time Entries Listing

The “grouped” listing allows grouping multiple entries together by a date range or project. Not as many columns are displayed as the detailed listing above as the entries are summed across dates and/or projects.

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Control entry grouping

The (gear icon) allows entries to be grouped by day, week, or month. If "group by task" is selected, the task column is hidden. This option is useful for totalling how many hours each employee has worked for a day/week/month, regardless of project.

Filter displayed entries

The other controls on the report heading filter the available entries. Change the date range to display a week or month(s), search for client/projects, or display only a few users. You can also sort the rows by clicking the sort icons to the right of the heading filters.

Hours worked are totals

The hours displayed are the total amount for the date range and task (if enabled) selected.

Detailed Time Entries Listing

The straightforward method of reviewing time entries is the detailed listing screen. This screen displays each time entry in a table. It defaults to the current month’s entries but can be easily queried for multiple criteria.

“Who can view time entries?” is configured in /guide/settings/. This setting will determine if the “User” role accounts can only view their own entries or all time entries. Basic role accounts can only view their own entries (no setting allows them to see any other entries). Clients may view entries for their projects only if the “Time reporting is visible to clients” option is enabled.

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Download, Print or Log time

Download the currently displayed entries as a CSV for Excel, Google Sheets, or as a QuickBooks import file. See QuickBooks Settings to enable this.

Filter displayed entries

As with all our other review screens, the filters and sort are sticky, meaning they retain their values until modified. This is useful if you're reviewing information for a user, client, or project across multiple screens.

Total hours logged

The total is the sum of all the entries displayed. Use this to easily total the amount of time worked for a given client in a date range. This comes in handy when preparing invoices for clients or employee pay period information.

Reviewing Employee Active Timers

A manager may need to review employees active timers for several reasons.

desktop time-active-timers-review screenshot

Edit time or delete entry

Adjust the amount of time logged or delete the entry altogether

Summarize Client Hours

As detailed in the clients guide, clients billing can be configured as hourly or with a retainer. If configured as retainer, the retainer can have a start and end date. Only hours worked inside those dates are shown here. If retainer dates are blank, all times are shown.

desktop time-client-summary screenshot

Hours worked, with retainer

View the hours left on the client's retainer