Managing Client Accounts

The clients tab shows the list of user accounts who belong to clients. The list is identical to the employee list, except the client is shown in the place of the role column.

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Click on client to edit, open or phone

The columns are clickable. Click the name to view and edit the client details, the website to open it in a new tab, and the phone to call it. The notes icon allows you to quickly edit the client's notes.

Easy to use client controls

These controls allow you to easily print the listing, export it to Excel or GoogleSheets, or add a new client.

Editing a client

After clicking edit on an client this page is displayed. Hours worked toward retainer may be viewed on the client summary screen as detailed in the review time guide

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Archiving a client

An archived client cannot be assigned to projects or have time or expenses entered for it.

Hourly or Retainer Clients

Time and expenses may be tracked on an hourly basis or using a retainer amount. If select is changed to retainer, the hourly field is replaced by retainer amount and start/end dates.

Client notification options

The per-client settings default to the system settings, but may be overridden for this client.