Overview of your Company

The overview screen provides users with a concise and informative snapshot of the overall project’s status, progress, and key metrics.

It serves as a centralized hub that enables managers and team members to quickly assess the health of projects, identify areas that require attention, and make informed decisions about what needs attention.

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Edit and record time for a task

Click the stopwatch to enter time worked on a task and the pencil to edit the task. Administrators can view the time entered on the task by all members of your team and individuals see their time.

Active tasks

All the tasks you and your team have been assigned to are visible in the active tasks summary panel. Quickly mark a task as completed by checking the box in the list, or edit the notes by clicking the notes icon.

Weekly Calendar

View all projects, tasks and events that start or end during the current week

View screen as iPhone, iPad, or Desktop

MyClientSpot works on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Click to view as Iphone or Android, Tablet, or Desktop

Recent Activity

Displays last week's projects & tasks updates, expenses entered and time logged for either yourself or your team

Quickly access commonly used commands

Easily perform a full-text search of all your organizations data, add a new project or task, log time to a project or task, or record an expense incurred for a client on a project help.