Bringing ClientSpot Back to Life


In internet years, ClientSpot has a pretty long history. It was launched in 2007, the same year the original iPhone was released.

It’s had it’s ups-and-downs since then. It’s been through several different management teams and has not recieved much new development for approximatly 5 years. Customers have slowly trickled away and new signups have slowed as well.

Today we’re proud to announce that ClientSpot has been purchased by Argosity Software. We belive Argosity is a great match to move ClientSpot forward. They have a background in supporting and upgrading legacy web applications, and plan to use it to support their existing clients. Doing so will provide them with real word feedback on improvements that are needed.

If you’re a customer of ClientSpot, first thank you! Second please get in touch with us if you have any suggestions for improvements you’d like to see. We’re eagerly awaiting a chance to chat with you.

Some ideas we’re actively considering are:

  • Improved reporting: It’d be great to be able to pull reports of who-worked-on-what and timeline information.
  • Built-in invoicing: With the ability to send a link to invoices and accept payment from a per-customer page.
  • API: This will be needed to support 3rd party integrations such as Slack.

We believe the future is incredibly bright for ClientSpot. Here’s to the the next 10+ years!